Lumina Outreach


LUMINA is the Latin word for light. We believe God calls us to let our light shine in the darkest places of our communities and the darkest places of people’s lives, places such as poverty and despair.

Luminalogo (3)Who we are:

We are a Church and Community Ministry project based in the Southwest District of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of The United Methodist Church.

VISION: Our Vision is Christians in partnership, responding to human need in the city and beyond, creating just and healthy communities, to the glory of God.

MISSION: Our mission is to support and expand the ministry of our related congregations. We do this through facilitation, partnerships, and direct services.

How did LUMINA begin? (Do you want to learn more about the history of Lumina? Click here.)

Our challenge, beginning in the fall of 1993, was to expand the ongoing outreach ministries of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, S. Queen and W. Farnum Streets, Lancaster, which included a weekly children’s ministry, a food bank and administering discretionary funds for emergency assistance. We currently partner with a number of supporting United Methodist Churches, primarily in Lancaster County, PA.

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